What We Do

Coaching: Coaching is available on an individual basis to parents. It has three steps:

The Initial Conversation is free and takes about an hour at a coffee shop somewhere. Depending on what we discuss there, we may schedule a

Consultation ($210 and about 90 minutes to two hours) in which I come to your home, determine the needs present and design the best approach, which is called an

Intervention. Pricing can be made a la carte or package, based on the needs of your situation. Regular rates for the Intervention stage are $145/hour.

Videos: I have created free videos (available here) that explain some techniques that might help sticky situations. Browse through, take a look, perhaps all that’s needed is a fresh approach. (This is presently under construction.)

Curriculum: I am currently developing a curriculum package that is the culmination of years of teaching psychology. It explains the different stages of development and ways the parents can interact that will help the child feel validated, affirmed, heard and understood at each level of development. In the meantime, check out the blog, which contains excerpts.

Advocacy: IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meetings (sometimes called Team Meetings) can be swampy ground as many perspectives want to be heard and differing agendas compete for resources. I will attend IEP meetings to support parents and help ease the process, while holding the child’s best interests as being the most important.

In-Service: I’m honored to speak at in-service trainings and parent meetings. Topics include: creating safe spaces, effective communication, scaffolding for success, creating opportunities for success, how to listen well, what the child is experiencing at different stages of development, and how to effectively partner with the child.

Questions? Comments? Musings? You can find me here.

And most importantly, know you’re not alone. You may not see all your allies, but we’re here. Our paths may not have been the same as yours, but we know what it’s like to have life become suddenly not what we expected it would be. Breathe. Even now you are not alone. Even now you have support.

Be well ~

Kelly Marcena